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Pick a workshop series that interests you and we can customize it for you and your organization.

Nature has so much to teach us! Let us look closely at it and draw inspirations from it to make art. By exploring its shapes, colors, textures and physical properties you can be certain to find your own language of contemporary expression!

For information on partaking ongoing sessions please email us >

Sculpting with twigs

Sculpting with twigs: understanding the material

Sculpting with twigs

Sculpting with twigs: sail boat

Spray painting

prepping the tree bark

Painting a bark

Finding tree barks and making sense of them

Sunset painting

Drip-painting inspired by the sunset

Exploring Textures

Exploring textures and colors

Final Artwork

Artwork with paper, leaf, glue and acrylics

Final Artwork

Artwork with foliage and watercolors

Art with Grass

Planning the artwork with grass collage

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