Why Creativity is Important?

In contemporary work environments work is organized into small task-forces where there is no clear division of labor and everything is client-centric


Yellospot Designs brings creative literacy in individuals, organizations, corporations and communities. We help foster the habit of creative thinking in both adults and kids through artistic methods and design-led strategies. Creative thinking is essential to improve individual and team productivity, communication and problem solving abilities.

In higher education creative thinking is important as graduate students need to address a variety of socio-economic issues once out of college

​For example, they are going to be faced with challenges in employment, innovation and economic growth. They need to creatively apply their knowledge, integrate local/indigenous knowledge with advanced scientific knowledge and be able to think critically at every step.

Qualities of a creative mindset

Out of the Box Thinking

‘Think out of the box’ and generate new ideas for innovation by recognizing that problems can be solved in more than one way



Improve team productivity by inculcating patience and tolerance through critical thinking

Independent Thinking

Improve individual productivity by systematically cultivating perseverance, persistence, concentration and independent thinking



Find innovative ways to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty

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