Pick a workshop series that interests you and we can customize it for you and your organization.

Contemporary work environments demands for teams to be designers of products or solutions, be creative, innovative, communicate well, be a good team player, solve problems and assume personal responsibility. Arts and creative thinking helps foster all of the above qualities in both teams and individuals. Arts in general has proven to help in self expression and hence better communication and being open to criticism; help in developing an esthetic eye and hence a deep attention to detail; helps in increase in concentration and hence and ability to work fast. 

These daily or weekly workshops can be tailored for 10mins (ideally before work or any brainstorming session) to 1hr (during a lunch break). 

Team artwork

A lunch-break creative workshop for Standard Chartered Bank employees

Art with text, ink and paper

An after-work creative class for adults at Abron Arts Center, NYC

Art with sand

An after-work creative class for adults from artist studio

Contemporary expressions through painting

Contemporary expressions through painting