Our Team


Founder & CEO


Jayanthi Moorthy is an interdisciplinary artist, art educator and learning designer. She has 12+ years experience working as a interaction and interface designer, interior designer and animator. She has 9+ years experience in the art industry where she has exhibited her works nationally and internationally, curated art exhibits and designed community creative workshops. In 2017 one of her community engagement programs won her a Creative Engagement Award from New York State and Cultural Affairs. She has a Masters in Art Education, Community Practice and a Masters in Business Administration.

Artistic works: www.jaymoorthy.com


Advisor & Consultant


Devika Gopal Agge is an Independent Consultant advising startups and public private partnerships. She has over 18 years experience developing individual organizations to creating industry-wide standards in the United States, United Kingdom and India. In those years, she has worked closely with c-suite executives from public sector and businesses in various capacities which has given her a wide range of skills and insights in board development, leadership advisory, government policy and organization assessment. She holds a Master’s degree in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters degree in Economics from Mumbai University.


Artists, Designers, Poets & Writers


Various artists and creatives we will be collaborating with for workshop events and sharing their artistic process as they teach to think like an artist