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“As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to challenge the public to think about creativity and art in new and different ways and to inspire intellectual dialogue.” 


Why am I interested in creative literacy?


I feel creative literacy is an important skill for life in twenty-first century societies. We are in an age where there is an increasing degree of complexity, change and uncertainty. All these require of us to keep thinking of new perspectives to problem solving, be comfortable navigating through ambiguity and uncertainty, connect with various fields of knowledge and skill to find creative insights and original ideas.


The problem I see


I see creative literacy lacking in many corporate environments and organizations. Adults still think art education is to be practiced only by elementary kids to gain a better understanding of their world when it’s the adults who need art education to help them think critically about themselves, think in cross-disciplinary ways and develop in them more empathy towards others. Art and design education have the ability to do this.


I see how artists are looked at as mere aesthetic agents when they can play a very important role in teaching life values like grit (passion + perseverance), being brave (as artists take a lot of risks in their vision), being confident (as they believe in what they are doing even when the world doesn’t), being clairvoyant (when the world doesn’t understand what they see yet). These qualities make artists capable of being social entrepreneurs, political and cultural leaders as they are driven by strong visions of the world.


As a visual artist and visual designer, I am constantly striving to marry my skills in both art and design in meaningful and purposeful ways.  I do this by combining media technology tools with the handmade; abstract thinking with design process thinking and artistic process with design-led strategies. These range from making art to curating art exhibits and running after-school and community-based art education programs for adults, youth, kids and family.

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