“As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to challenge the public to think about creativity and art in new and different ways and to inspire intellectual dialogue.” 


The Power of Creative Literacy


I see creative literacy lacking in many corporate environments and organizations. Adults still think art education is for elementary kids when it is they who need it to gain a better understanding of their world. Adults need art education to help think critically about themselves, think in cross-disciplinary ways to be innovative and to develop more empathy towards others. Arts and design education have the ability to do this!


Founder & CEO


Jayanthi Moorthy is an interdisciplinary artist, art educator and learning designer. She brings in experience working in the digital design industry (interaction design, interface design and film animation) and in the art industry where she has exhibited her works, curated art exhibits and designed community events both nationally and internationally. Ms. Moorthy has a Masters in Art Education, Community Practice and a Masters in Business Administration.

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