Our Mission


Yellospot Designs brings creative literacy in individuals, organizations, corporations and communities. We help foster the habit of creative thinking--an essential to improve individual and team productivity and communication. We do this through tailor-made programs that use artistic methods and design-led strategies.

Our Values
  • Look at creativity as an everyday experience and a daily habit

  • Acquire and use knowledge and skills from diverse bodies of knowledge

  • Conceive projects not as objects alone but as ‘living forms’ that stimulate thinking, dialogue and action

  • Participate in social responsibility by giving back to the community

Maaike Bouwmeester

Program Director, ECT

New York University, Steinhardt, New York

I'm so happy with the new lightness and fun filled atmosphere you've started to create. One student said to me "it's actually feeling like the space is more lived in now.

Bruce Dorfman

Instructor, Art Students League, New York City

​​Jay is an artist from whom I have learned with respect and appreciation.

Ann Pachner

Visual Artist, New York City

Through Art Fast (a community education event embracing Indian culture) you brought creatives together through personal and virtual experiences (the gallery event and your blog). By transforming the gallery space into a sacred space--lamps surrounded with flowers in the middle of the darkened space and the nuanced authentic tones of Sanskrit chants you transported my heart and mind.​ Thank You!

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