Our Mission


Yellospot Designs is a Manhattan-based education company that helps foster the habit of creative thinking in individuals.  

Why Do We Need Creative Thinking?


Creative thinking an important skill to have in the twenty-first century as there is an increasing degree of complexity, change and uncertainty. Nowadays we are required to keep thinking of new perspectives to problem solving, be comfortable navigating through ambiguity and uncertainty and find creative insights by connecting various fields of knowledge. This skill can be used for anything—work and life. 


Inspired by the above need, Yellospot Designs was founded to bring in uniquely designed creative classes and programs for all age groups (adults and kids), in various settings (within companies and organizations to online classes) and to help through various goals (from improving individual productivity to team communication and problem solving).


Our programs combine: media technology tools with the handmade; abstract thinking with design process thinking and, artistic processes with design-led strategies. Our teachers come from various creative backgrounds and bring to the table their professional experience, their passion and dedication to their craft.

Creative Challenges


Window Of Appreciation For Healthcare Workers

Show your appreciation for healthcare workers by making art on your windows. 

Fostering the habit of 

creative thinking

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