Our Mission


Yellospot Designs helps people foster the habit of creative thinking through tailor-made programs that use artistic methods and design-led strategies. 

Our Values
  • Look at creativity as an everyday experience and a daily habit

  • Acquire and use knowledge and skills from diverse bodies of knowledge

  • Conceive projects not as objects alone but as ‘living forms’ that stimulate thinking, dialogue and action

  • Participate in social responsibility by giving back to the community

Our Methods


Our programs combine: media technology tools with the handmade; abstract thinking with design process thinking and, artistic processes with design-led strategies. We focus on development of the following skillsets:

  • Observation & Reflection

  • Persistence

  • Risk taking

  • Envisioning multiple solutions

  • Collaboration and tolerance

Creative thinking helps develop the following mindsets:

Out of the Box Thinking

‘Think out of the box’ and generate new ideas for innovation by recognizing that problems can be solved in more than one way



Improve team productivity by inculcating patience and tolerance through critical thinking

Independent Thinking

Improve individual productivity by systematically cultivating perseverance, persistence, concentration and independent thinking



Find innovative ways to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty

Fostering the habit of 

creative thinking

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